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    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home (Official Video)


    Alain Bruno: I can listen to this song all day long. It's wonderful! 

    JoAnn Kaiser: Me too, and they could be nice and keep there thoughts to themselves. 

    Cory S: Homo

    it me: this song never fails to make me feel better. its so nostalgic for me

    Mariana Euan: lauren i love your profile picture! It's great! ����

    RVRE VVHO ROVST BEVST: I'm not really into this kind of music, but this song is so beautiful and catchy.

    Frank Lucas: This is real music real instruments no auto tune or anything

    Funkee 9: Isabel Gonzalez Same me and my dad listen to this kind of music alot we also like classical rock

    imtv: It's a hipster algorithm that they used to make this song!… and it worked magically

    mclovin9151: This is my favorite song in the world

    Blue Sparkle: mclovin9151 same

    pvblo xm: Josue Perez mljkmpñ

    HeroTheyCallMe: This is some Hippie Dippie music

    matty v: pity they cant start putting good quality old school tunes , the likes of that out instead of all this cheezy shit thats out now

    Antwoin Richardson: I listen to the rawest underground hip hop and rap, and respect this song in all its beauty. 

    Drew McElraft: After my best friends dad died six months ago me and her haven't been able to listen to this song much. It was played at his funeral and we just had a very hard time with it. The memories of him playing it in the car as we went down the back road mountain roads, or when we would sit on the roof of the car and all eat pizza and sing along. I'm so happy that her and I can finally listen to it and not have to remember that he is gone. Instead we can both think about all the good times we had with him. Sure, things still hurt and may never heal properly but this song is such a huge step for us both.

    Igor Sljukic: Drew McElraft Your message really saddened me and simultaenously brought me great joy for some odd reasom. I hope your heart can heal and that you never forget that your friend probably wanted you to smile everyone you think of them and the great times you had. Some blessings come in small doses. Have a beautiful day.

    Liam Gillis: this song beats the shit out of my feels

    Edye D.: Lol! Exactly

    Bomber McKeogh: Sounds like a nice song to listen to while driving a chevo classic with your girl beside the sea… too bad I don't have a girl or a car :(