Free poultry clip art

Before Thanksgiving, download your free poultry clip art here!


Click the link to determine my full file on It offers a complete poultry body (which you’ll download free of charge below), a clear poultry body without any down, nine colored down, and the suggestions above in blackline too.

This file is ideal for Thanksgiving-themed games since the down are removable and are available in nine colors. You can print and eliminate the down and the body and play a “pin the feather around the turkey” game. You can put a couple of each feather inside a box and also have students draw one to select partners. You could utilize these questions SMART Notebook file and also have the down disappear to show an issue from the unit you’re teaching. The other ideas have you got? Leave a remark below.

And since I love you, this is actually the full poultry body image to download free of charge. (Click image to load bigger version, then right click and choose “Save Image As”.)


Happy Thanksgiving!


free clipart


Cyrus Tawhara: I would like to see patches and badges in various Art Deco style.\nLots of military ones and sports ones if poss.