Ap picture of turkish assassin wins world press photo award — ap images spotlight

Ap picture of turkish assassin wins world press photo award — ap images spotlight dying of longtime Cuban leader

Speaking after finding the award, Ozbicili stated he felt an obligation to his entire profession because he was his ground within the Ankara gallery.

He stated he felt like journalists from around the globe were saying, "Hey man, you’re representing many of us. Don’t disappear! Stand! We’re supporting you, we’re praying for you personally.Inch

Ozbicili stated the award wouldn’t change him, "however i may have more responsibility. The youthful generation, especially, they require more support, more courage to carry on as their journalism, independent journalism, is suffering. And So I desired to show with this particular photo the world will require good journalism forever."

The eclectic choice of winners highlighted the dominant news topics from the this past year — including conflict in Syria and Iraq, the migrant crisis, the dying of longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro and also the Olympics in Rio. Among winning nature photos were images depicting humanity’s devastating impact on wildlife, together with a nasty photograph of the poached rhino using its horn hacked off and the other showing a turtle swimming while enmeshed inside a eco-friendly fishing internet.

Among other winners, Jonathan Bachman from the U . s . States, a professional photographer for Thomson Reuters, won the Contemporary Issues – Singles category by having an picture of Ieshia Evans being arrested in Baton Rouge throughout a protest on This summer 9 within the dying of Alton Sterling, a black man wiped out by police. Evans stands secure upright inside a flowing dress as two police officials in heavy body armor and helmets proceed to take her into child custody.

Franklin known as Bachman’s image "a memorable kind of discuss passive resistance. It’s actually a lovely photograph. You may never no way.Inch

Ap picture of turkish assassin wins world press photo award — ap images spotlight protest on This summerResourse: https://apimagesblog.com/blog/2017/2/13/

Image of Turkish assassin wins World Press Photo award


SuperDubios: see, THIS is exactly how you promote more terrorism and terrorist attacks. Do NOT give crazy sick people a platform so they can get the attention they are so much craving for!!!

Abdul Basit: SuperDubios but it looked cool

Lightspeed: Oppression promotes terrorism, not journalism.\n\nJournalism needs to present the world as it is, not as we want it to be.

William Gray: Are you serious? Retards.

Ankammarao Maguluri: William Gray p

PokéTalk with Shadow Kawur: Killing a russian ambassador is not good!

I hate Cheaters: This is a disgrace

Abu Waheeb: he was a hero <3

Петр Василич я: yes,killing unarmed people is heroic for you

Don't Panic: Killed the guy with a gun. Where is the victim's blood? \nThis is a PsyOp..\n\n.

Riley Johnson: Don't Panic it was caught on video? Chill with the conspiracies his death didn't seem to change much anyways

Don't Panic: There is no conspiracy, it is being done in open view. \nAnd yes, watch the video.

Amina bakir: those who funded and supporrted the war in Syrian and Iraq etc will pay a heavy price. \n\nwars are never won, only lives are lost :(\n\nAllahu Yarhamu.

MrsCindyloveyou: Remember, this is Al Jazeera.

Susan G: Yay, let's promote this stupid, boring photo of a coward instead of a meaningful one.

Alisha Griffin: Susan G How isn't this meaningful? I fail to see how a picture of an ASSASSIN (cowardly or not) has no meaning to you or anyone else. It isn't a picture of refugees or pollution, sure, but it captures the rage and hate felt by many today that leads to such violence. It is anything but boring.

ajay prasad: Maybe you got the wrong ambassador, > Saudi,United states.

Free_Spirit: WTFuuuu???!! R u serious?? O.o

Chess Master: doesn't this disrespect the deceased, and almost if not give praise to the killer? I think giving that photo an award is a terrible idea that should be redacted.

Alisha Griffin: Brandon If we never see him, how would we know he was real? Also, in my opinion, the picture doesn't really show him in a positive or negative light, just him committing this act, however vile.