In images: insect-filled treats for poultry day

In images: insect-filled treats for poultry day photos of Istanbul and also
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Pictures, images & photos of Istanbul and also the historic structures from the Roman Byzantine Constantinople. Istanbul is among the best metropolitan areas on the planet. It literally straddles the East West divide from the Bosphorus using its western bank in Europe and it is Eastern bank in Asia.

Initially the Greek town of Byzantium, the proper need for its peninsula was recognised by Emperor Constantine who managed to get in to the Imperial Town of the Roman Empire in AD 330. The peninsular overlooks the southern entrance towards the Bosphorus with an all natural habour, the Golden Horn, was the right site to manage Trade in the East towards the West.

Constantine built his new city in an incredible pace looting whole structures and statues from Rome and yet another metropolitan areas from the Empire. This latest city seemed to be a Christian city and Constantine built the very first great places of worship from the Roman Empire.

Using what is known as nov The Roman Empire within the fifth century history starts calling the Emperors of Constantinople Byzantine following the Greek town of Byzantium. The Emperors of Constantinople will not have understood themselves as Byzantine because they were Emperors from the Roman Empire and continued to be so until nov Constantinople in 1453. Even Mohammed describes them as Romans in the writings but when of Mohammed these were Greek not Latin speaking Romans.

Constantinople grew to become fabulously wealthy and effective and for that reason a target for conquest. The huge land walls that protected the peninsular and it is ocean walls managed to get impregnable to a lot of tries to go by pressure. It did though fall in 1204 towards the stealth from the Venetian Dodge Enrico Dandolo as he diverted the fourth Campaign to Constantinople to assist "safeguard" it in the Islamic onslaught which had overcome the majority of Asia Minor. The taking of Constantinople brought to some 3 day sack from the city where the Venetians loaded all its treasures onto their ships and traveled the world off and away to Venice. The 4 bronze horses that decorate the leading of St Marks Basilica come from Constantinople much like the marble posts that decorate the castles from the Grand Canal.

Although the Byzantine Roman Emperors retook Constantinople it never obtained its glory and entered slow decline. In 1453 it finally fell to Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II .

Little remains of Constantinople but structures such as the Hagia Sophia, built by Emperor Theodosius II and inaugurated it on 10 October 415, give a concept of the heights of sophistication the Roman Empire had arrived at. It might be a 1000 years before a larger dome was built compared to Hagia Sophia.

The Ottomans have endowed Istanbul with splendid mosques & castles which fused the mystique of Eastern architecture with this from the west which and its famous Bazaars make Istanbul probably the most colourful metropolitan areas on the planet.

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