Massachusetts condition game bird

Massachusetts condition game bird maximum of 12-14 pounds

Official Condition Game Bird of Massachusetts

Nature poultry was designated the state condition game bird of Massachusetts in 1991 (the condition bird is black-capped chickadee, adopted in 1941). Nature poultry is another condition indication of Alabama, Oklahoma, and Sc.  All Condition Wild birds

Eastern Wild Poultry Details

A real native American, the eastern wild poultry (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris) may be the largest and many broadly distributed from the six recognized subspecies of untamed poultry in The United States. A mans (or Tom) can develop to four ft tall and weigh more than 20 pounds. Hens might be nearly as tall, truly weigh a maximum of 12-14 pounds.

Wild turkeys are unique, resilient, and prolific. Male turkeys make an effort to mate with lots of females. Toms begin their breeding displays at the begining of spring – strutting proudly for that hens with fanned tail and fluffed down. The Toms’ mind turns a vibrant red in this mating display.

Toms do not have anything related to the poults (baby turkeys), departing all nesting and rearing chores towards the female. A poultry hen lays 9-12 eggs inside a shallow nest where she incubates her clutch for around 4 weeks. She then leads her recently hatched brood to forage for insects, berries and seeds.

Indigenous Peoples enjoyed a good amount of turkeys for centuries before settlers showed up within the " New World ", even though they generally prevented eating poultry, over it as "starvation food" (believing that poultry was fit to search only by children, women, and Europeans). Indigenous Peoples valued turkeys more for his or her down so that as spiritual symbols.

Through the early 1900’s wild turkeys had basically disappeared – a direct result commercial harvesting and habitat destruction. Fortunately, conservation and wildlife organizations intervened, and also the wild poultry designed a dramatic recovery – today 6.4 million wild turkeys roam the low 48 states.


Gamefowl conditioning methods : Gamefowl conditioning by Dante Hinlo Part 3


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