Poultry train travel & things you can do in poultry

Poultry train travel & things you can do in poultry days ahead of time

Rail network

Pass validity

The Eurail Global Pass and also the Eurail Select Pass are valid on all trains run by TCDD (Turkish Republic Condition Railways).


Go to the national railway company TCDD.


Online from the Turkish Condition Railways you’ll find helpful details about:

  • Kinds of trains in Poultry

  • Connections between Poultry and Europe


Domestic trains

The Istanbul – Ankara rail line is easily the most popular connection. There are many daily trains about this line. Since This summer 2014, the 2 metropolitan areas are connected with a high-speed train, enabling you to result in the journey in under 4 hrs.


Other major metropolitan areas or tourist spots that may be arrived at by rail from Istanbul directly are Edirne, Eskisehir, Denizli (near Pamukkale), Konya, Adana, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Kars, and Tatvan around the shore of Lake Van.


Ways to get there

Because of the building of the new high-speed line there aren’t any trains between Istanbul and also the Bulgarian border. There is a substitute bus connecting Kapikule (bordering station) with Istanbul. Eurail passes are valid with this journey. On this bus connection.


From Istanbul there’s an worldwide link with Iran (Trans-Asya Ekspresi).




Reservations aren’t compulsory on national trains in Poultry. For lengthy-distance trains reservations are possible. You may make free reservations in your area at Turkish train stations as much as 15 days ahead of time.



Bikes are permitted, but check in your area if your special ticket is needed.


Train types:

  • Süper Ekspresler (intercity trains)

  • Mavi Trenler and Ekspresler (interregional trains)

  • Bölgesel Ekspresler (interregional express trains), Ray Otobüsü ve Mototrenler and Normal Yolcu Trenleri (regional trains)

  • Banliyö Treni (commuter trains)


Resourse: http://eurail.com/en/europe-train/countries-europe/

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