Russia states it’s proof poultry involved with islamic condition oil trade

Russia states it's proof poultry involved with islamic condition oil trade Condition in Syria and Iraq

MOSCOW Russia’s defense ministry stated on Wednesday it’d proof that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and the family were taking advantage of the illegal smuggling of oil from Islamic Condition-held territory in Syria and Iraq.

Moscow and Ankara happen to be kept in a war of words since a week ago whenever a Turkish air pressure jet shot lower a Russian warplane close to the Syrian-Turkish border, probably the most serious incident between Russia along with a NATO condition in fifty years.

Erdogan responded by saying no thanks you the authority to "slander" Poultry by accusing it of purchasing oil from Islamic Condition, and the man would stand lower if such allegations were shown to be true. But speaking during a trip to Qatar, also, he stated he didn’t want relations with Moscow to worsen further.

In a briefing in Moscow, defense ministry officials displayed satellite images that they stated demonstrated posts of tanker trucks loading with oil at installations controlled by Islamic Condition in Syria and Iraq, after which crossing the border into neighboring Poultry.

The officials didn’t specify what direct evidence they’d from the participation of Erdogan and the family, an allegation the Turkish president has emphatically denied.

"Poultry may be the primary consumer from the oil stolen from the rightful proprietors, Syria and Iraq. Based on information we have received, the senior political leadership of the nation – President Erdogan and the family – take part in this criminal business," stated Deputy Defence Minister Anatoly Antonov.

"Maybe I am being too blunt, only one are only able to trust control of this thieving business to a person’s nearest associates."

"In the western world, nobody has requested questions concerning the fact the Turkish president’s boy heads among the greatest energy companies, or that his boy-in-law continues to be hired energy minister. Exactly what a marvelous family business!"

"The cynicism from the Turkish leadership knows no limits. Look what they are doing. They entered another person’s country, they’re robbing it without compunction," Antonov stated.

Erdogan a week ago denied that Poultry procures oil from anything apart from legitimate sources.

The U . s . States stated it rejected the idea the Turkish government is at league using the militants to smuggle oil. "We frankly see no evidence, none, to aid this kind of accusation," Condition Department spokesman Mark Toner stated.

Erdogan has stated Ankara takes steps to avoid fuel smuggling, and that he challenged anybody who accused his government of collaborating with Islamic Condition to demonstrate their allegations.

On Tuesday, U.S. The President stated Poultry had made progress in sealing its border with Syria, but Islamic Condition was still being exploiting gaps to usher in foreign fighters then sell oil.


The Russian defense ministry also alleged the same criminal systems that have been smuggling oil into Poultry were also offering weapons, equipment and training to Islamic Condition along with other Islamist groups.

"Based on our reliable intelligence data, Poultry continues to be transporting out such operations for any lengthy period and regularly. And more importantly, it doesn’t intend to stop them," Sergei Rudskoy, deputy mind from the Russian military’s General Staff, told reporters.

The defense ministry stated its surveillance revealed countless tanker trucks gathering at Islamic Condition-controlled sites in Iraq and Syria to stock up with oil, also it asked why the U.S.-brought coalition wasn’t launching more air bombings of them.

"You will naturally see them,Inch Rudskoy stated from the lines of trucks proven on satellite images.

Russian officials stated their country’s bombing campaign had designed a significant dent in Islamic State’s capability to produce, refine then sell oil.

U.S. officials say coalition air strikes have destroyed countless IS oil trucks as the Russian campaign has mainly targeted opponents from the Syrian government who aren’t from Islamic Condition, also is referred to as ISIL.

"The irony from the Russians raising this problem is the fact that there’s lots of evidence to point the largest consumer of ISIL oil is really Bashar al-Assad and the regime, a regime that just remains in position since it is being propped up through the Russians," White-colored House spokesman Josh Serious stated.

The Condition Department’s Toner stated U.S. information was that Islamic Condition was selling oil in the wellheads to middlemen who have been involved with smuggling it over the frontier into Poultry.

Russia states it's proof poultry involved with islamic condition oil trade time there


Russian officials described three primary routes through which they stated oil and oil products were smuggled from Islamic Condition territory into Poultry.

The ministry stated the Western route required oil created at fields close to the Syrian town of Raqqa towards the settlement of Azaz around the border with Poultry.

After that the posts of tanker trucks go through the Turkish capital of scotland- Reyhanli, the ministry stated, citing what it really stated were satellite images of countless such trucks moving with the border crossing without obstruction.

"There’s no inspection from the vehicles transported out … around the Turkish side," stated Rudskoy.

A few of the smuggled cargoes visit the Turkish domestic market, although some is exported through the Turkish Mediterranean ports of Iskenderun and Dortyol, the ministry stated.

Another primary route for smuggled oil, based on the ministry, runs from Deir Ez-zour in Syria towards the Syrian border crossing at Al-Qamishli. It stated the trucks then required the crude for refining in the Turkish town of Batman.

Another route required oil from eastern Syria and western Iraq in to the south-eastern corner of Poultry, the ministry stated.

It stated its satellite surveillance had taken countless trucks crossing the border on the bottom during the summer time, which since that time there was no decrease in the flow.

The defense ministry officials stated the data they released on Wednesday was just area of the evidence they’ve within their possession, and they could be releasing further intelligence within the next days and days.

(Additional reporting by Alexander Winning in Moscow and Lesley Wroughton and Doina Chiacu in Washington writing by Christian Lowe editing by Andrew Osborn, Giles Elgood and Philippa Fletcher)


Russia: MoD shows proof of Turkey's involvement with Islamic State oil trade


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