Syria’s refugees: this devastating photo of the drowned child can change the way we see syria’s refugees — quarta movement

The look here is disturbing. But may you should be disturbed.

Migrant boat accident in TurkeyTurkish gendarmerie uphold your body of a kid in Bodrum. (Environmental protection agency/Dogan News)

The boy is regarded as a 3-year-old named Aylan in the Syrian capital of scotland- Kobani, based on the BBC.

Although he’s one of several, this photo, released with a Turkish news agency, appears to possess stirred the conscience of Europe in a different way. Possibly that&rsquos since it puts a brand new perspective on exactly what the bureaucratic jargon in regards to a “migrant crisis” appears like in tangible existence. This is exactly what barbed wire erected around luckier nations appears like. This is exactly what xenophobia and ignorance seem like.

The Protector first page, Thursday 3 September 2015: The shocking, cruel reality of Europe’s refugee crisis—
Protector news (@guardiannews) September 02, 2015