Images of alleged turkish special ops in syria circulate on social networking — rt news

Images of alleged turkish special ops in syria circulate on social networking — rt news scotland- Kilis, approximately

"They [Kurds] will either leave the location immediately, proceed to the east from the Euphrates [river] or we’ll do what’s necessary," Erdogan cautioned the Kurdish forces in Manbij and also the area, as reported by Daily Sabah.

Based on the Turkish leader his country can also be mulling action in Syria&rsquos northern territories near to the Turkish capital of scotland- Kilis, approximately 10km in the Syria border, citing a “terrorist” threat. In April this season Poultry reinforced its troops in Kilis following several rocket attacks originating from Syrian territory, controlled by IS.

Meanwhile Ankara may also have its say with what happens near the Syrian town of Raqqa.On October 6, Kurdish-brought forces supported by the united states-brought coalition began a significant offensive to retake the self-announced capital of IS.

“The coalition and Poultry works together around the lengthy-term arrange for appropriating, holding and governing Raqqa,” US General Frederick Dunford, chairman from the Joint Leaders of Staff stated, carrying out a ending up in his Turkish counterpart General Hulusi Akar in Ankara.

The serviceman also noted the city ought to be controlled by “predominantly Arab and Sunni Arab pressure” using the Free Syrian Army being one particular unit.

&lsquoTurkey really wants to prevent Kurdish autonomy&rsquo

Upon the market US Army General Paul Vallely told RT that even though it is difficult to judge if the pictured persons are Turkish special operators, there can be a motive for implementing such troops in Syria.

"The Turks usually have had curiosity about northern Iraq and northern Syria due to the Kurdish situation as well as their issues with the Kurds attempting to set up a separate government there," Vallely stated.

Based on the ex-serviceman the conflict between your Kurds and Ankara, wherever it emerges, won’t die lower, leading to continuous fighting.

"The Turks are not going to be at liberty… using the implication and also the participation from the Kurds anywhere, therefore it is always[likely to] be considered a fight later on.Inch

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The possibility existence of Turkish special operators near Aleppo would suit the interests of Poultry, among that are "to forbid the Syrian army of using the eastern Aleppo," Jamal Wakim, Professor for Worldwide relations at Lebanese College told RT.

"And So I believe maybe it’s a possibility for that Turkish troops to become supporting insurgents in Eastern Aleppo from the Syrian government and Russian troops," Wakim stated.

The expert continued to state that Poultry is effectively eyeing a buffer zone inside Syria and Iraq "to be able to forbid any attempt through the Kurds to determine an autonomous or perhaps independent condition.

"If Poultry succeeds in creating a buffer focus northern Syria as well as in northern Iraq, in situation two countries get divided it’ll have the best and also the possible ways to annex this territories into Poultry. Which is what gets into your brain from the Turkish leadership," he stated.

Images of alleged turkish special ops in syria circulate on social networking — rt news Which is what gets intoResourse:
Images of alleged turkish special ops in syria circulate on social networking — rt news the Turkish capital of scotland

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