Poultry coup: the photos you have to see

Poultry coup: the photos you have to see states, as some reprots stated

An attempted coup with a military faction almost required within the country today. Military factions attempted a coup and statements were conflicting about who had been in charge of the nation. A top Turkish official announced the the coup seems to possess been unsuccessful and government officials have been in charge again, AP reported. This is not fully confirmed yet, however, because the military faction that began the coup keeps restarting the battle when things appear to become calming lower. Pm Binali Yildirim stated inside a broadcast that many people had an "illegal" action outdoors the chain of command. Soon after his statement, the Turkish military issued its very own statement saying it’d taken control of the nation:  "Turkish military grabbed the rule of the nation completely for the exact purpose of reinstalling the constitutional order, democracy, human legal rights and freedoms, to create rule of law pervade again, to re-establish the destroyed public order." Because the military walked in, Erdogan supporters also fought against back. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan required to FaceTime to broadcast a note, saying the uprising wouldn’t succeed.Poultry coup: the photos you have to see fought against It had been unclear if Erdogan was in the united states, as some reprots stated he might have been overseas once the coup began and it was seeking asylum.  Video footage demonstrated Erdogan supporters hitting tanks with whatever objects they’d in hands. Recent surveys in the Turkish Condition Agency established that the Ankara parliament might have been bombed in the air. Click on the gallery to determine photos from the coup as well as the public’s response. We’ll update this gallery with increased photos because the coup attempt continues. (Getty)

Resourse: http://heavy.com/news/2016/07/poultry-coup-photos-pictures-military-erdogan-updates-bridge-ankara-protests-bosporus-istanbul-tanks-pics/

Controlling Snakes In Your Chicken Coop


Jean o: Well I think your doing a good thing, living n az we have poisonous snakes, and children collecting eggs and snakes don't mix. I will gladly save no poisonous snake but I think the safety of the children comes first.

Micha EL: Killing them is not a good answer as you'll see a rise in the local rodent population.

Micha EL: +Dog Soldier Sure if you're that hungry so are the mice and other vermin the snake eats !

donze52: our squirrels drive off snakes and our cats take rodents without the danger of snakes– dozen folks die yearly from non venomous snake bites due to infection yearly– why risk it?

InjunOne: Had a Texas neighbor put plastic eggs out. Snakes eat the plastic eggs and when they crushed the eggs the shards would cut their insides and eventually die.

donze52: we feed squirrels and they kill or drive snakes out of our yard– now we have a shoot on sight rattlers at the ranch I work for now 43 years– the ranch looses 6 baby calves yearly to snake bite– that is $12,000 to you city folk– now we use glue boards in sheds and barns– with screens on them to keep cats from being caught– caught a lot of snakes — will also now try your netting as well

TexasPrepper2: Wow… that's crazy !

innHD: donze52 are you saying some one dumps snakes on to the 40000 acre ranch property?

getsmartnow2011: lol I love this video. This farm girl is absolutely Terrified of all snakes. I prayer over our land all the time for God to keep the snakes away. 30+acres here, we have lots of poisonous snakes in our state, and weve only seen a few bad snakes. down at the barn, where I am always freaked out to go…because of my snake fear, I had some bird netting all tangled up and tossed in a stall. when in to get something, and a big ol copperhead was caught in the netting. It took me about 2 seconds to run out of the barn. I then had to get some courage to go in and kill it…not an easy thing for me to do because my fear of them is so great that I actually freeze and can not move in fear. God must have really been looking out for me that day because I almost pick that netting up right where that snakes head was…plus I didnt freeze and ran.lol. So I grabbed the garden hoe, and went back in, shaking in fear…I climbed up on one john deer, and over to the other john deere , and started pounding that snake while standing on the tractor. my mom was outside at her house and seen me on the tractors and knew it had to be a snake…she is normally my snake killer lol. after it was good and dead and i do mean really really really dead, I got the netting out. that snake was so tangled up that we actually had to let it rot to get it out of there…after that, I put tangled up bird netting all around the barn. lol. My hubby does "save" the black snakes from the netting when they get caught, if he can. If it where up to me, Id put netting around all 30+ acres to keep snakes out. lol.

TexasPrepper2: Great story !

OrgasmicallyGrown: used the same lightweight 7' x 100' netting around my garden ….went with the lightweight stuff since i needed 5 rolls instead of the heavier stuff thats $55……lil cheaper at Lowes™($14.98) than at Amazon™($18.87)….anywho good tip keep em comin

Kip Gibbs: Never got a whipping to match the one l got for killing that chicken house snake.Here in eastern N.C. If you don't have a chicken snake eating those mice and eventually an egg once in a while,the poison ones move in.You idiot from Texas,you are definitely a breed all your own.

Buck Wild: In Texas ops I mean Mexico they try to keep everything but the Mexicans off their property. Some day the Mexicans soon will own everything then the Mexicans will keep Texans out of Mexico

Dog Soldier: chicken snakes don't eat other snakes.Their Diet consists of eggs,rodents,lizards, small birds and baby chicks.

Remote Tactical: Just posted a video of our first snake encounter in our chicken coop. Howdy from SETx

Jeff Cram: I let them eat eggs, so they get big enough to deal with the rats, and gophers. As long as my chickens are full grown they dont pose a problem. If the snake is poisonous, or big enough to harm my livestock, then I kill or relocate them.\n\nEvery animal has a purpose. I dont kill gophers either. I let weeds grow as long as they are not in the way of my vegetables, they feed the birds, bees, and gophers. Gophers help establish underground watering and drainage.\n\nBeavers have been known to create forests because of their water damns. Everything has a purpose and a proper place. Killing should be a last resort.

William vanover: turkeys will kill them that's one reason a lot of people that live in the hills around where I live keep at least one turkey with there chickens

Jack Green: We accidentally caught a black racer in bird netting.  We cut the snake out of the netting.  I held with welding gloves, wife cut it out.  Beneficial black racer went on its way.

Dog Soldier: black racers are beneficial,they will chase you if you run.

4godliv: Nice. I did not know this. While I agree that having black snakes around will keep rodent population down, from experience I know how many eggs and chicks can be lost. The snake doesn't just eat once and leave, it continues eating again and again. I usually grab the black snake and relocate it. I have done away with a few also. Thanks for sharing.