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Lighting Tips: How to Capture that ‘National Geographic Style’


Paulo Ferreira: Please make more videos like this, with PROS talking about photography techniques and tips.

dawn holte: Phil Rizkalla

Marcio Shuffle: No tips dear. Only study, hard work, experience, hard work, eye development, hard work.\nOh, I told about hard work yet? :-)

ela: The way bob is aware of how cameras pick up light is as if he was born a camera in a previous life. :p

Advancing Your Photography: maybe he was :)

Alvaro Nieri: ela i

dalemews1: Another great video from Bob! If I was you I'd lock him up and get at least a years worth of videos out of him before his release. (-:

Advancing Your Photography: +dalemews1 Haha not a bad idea! Bob is the best. Thanks for watching!

Michael Kircher: Glad to know I'm not the only photographer looking at light and composition when I sit across the table from someone! 😉 \n\nGood interview with Mr Holmes. Thanks!

Miss Kitty: Most good photographers do this. And then you say to someone dont move I have to take your photo right now.

Advancing Your Photography: Here's an example of Vermeer lighting, notice how she is lit from the window https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/20/Johannes_Vermeer_-_Het_melkmeisje_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg Look at his work and try a photo with his style — find a model (friend or family) and have fun with it

Guillermo Martinez: more videos like this please!

exposure: WOW! great video 

Jerome Milac: 3rd Part of the interview with Bob Holmes, packed with a lot of advices regarding light. I'm glad he talked about the vermeer lighting and the blue hour, which are rarely discussed anywhere else. Very useful tips, to be sketched into marble !!

Alloy Crow: very nice video, old schoolers have a ton of experience… as well as patience. cheers

Choco Later: Wisdom talk.

Steve Tobias: so you were born knowing this stuff? No one should be teaching this to young ppl w/ their first cameras?

JustonianInstitute: Do you know how you can tell, with 99.9% accuracy, when someone is probably terrible at the very thing that they criticize others about? The lack of humility.

Fechete Alex: Superb

zet matillano: Wow. I learned so much from this video. Thumbs up.