Ways to get great poultry pictures

We receive plenty of questions regarding the way we get quality images of turkeys.

We scout to check out turkeys or poultry sign. After we determine a place turkeys are utilizing we convey a Reconyx camera on the bottom and try to get it facing north. The sun’s rays isn’t within the north (in the united states) therefore the camera isn’t pointed in to the sun. Images from cameras pointed in to the sun are frequently so fuzzy they’re poor.

We use a low camera angle for scouting turkeys

Yet another step we take would be to put the camera have less the tree – concerning the height of the poultry. Turkeys appear to appear best when viewed using their level.

Trail cameras could be a useful gizmo for scouting for turkeys. For M.R.I. (newest information) I have a BoneView within my poultry vest. BoneView is really a card readers designed particularly for smartphones. After I walk with a trail camera while poultry hunting I merely pull the credit card and examine the images on my cell phone.

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Chicken factory farmer speaks out


Ross Coe: I've went out and found farms that raise their livestock humanely and even invited me to their farms I had to drive a bit but you know what, it didn't cost that much more than the factory meat, but damn was the meat so much better tasting. Factory farms produce "stressed" meat which reflects in the taste. Livestock can be raised humanely and still make money. Greed at the highest level is the reason for this, search out natural farms you'll be glad you did!

Ross Coe: Yup there is humane slaughter and an animal being allowed to live a decent life leading up to it. Meat eating is part of our society deal with it. It can be done humanely or in humanely. 

william: Very simple solution – buy from local farmers. I live in Atlanta, all I have to do is go to a food co-op about 20 miles outside of the city, and I have humanely raised back-yard cornish hens, chickens, eggs, bison..etc to choose from. I buy an entire month's of meat, freeze it, and only shop once a month. There are plenty of options. Most modern cities have a variety of farmer's market options. If you don't live in a developed city, you have even more natural options. 

what the farm: I think you can get 4.50-5.50 if you go direct. I have found that my consumption has dropped in 1/2 eating pasture raised vs factory. Not sure why. But my monthly cost is similar

Aurora ASMR: Don't ask for better chicken. Ask for no chicken.

chickdove: FUCK YOU MEAT-EATING BITCH Tony Droid

Tony Droid: +nature girl Fuck yeah ������

Gustaf Farthinder: As a Swedish Homosexual, I am super against the mistreatment of Animals. I very much in favor of the animal welfare.  These chicken farms show that absolute worse about human behavior as we create a system to produce then immediately murder life. This is absolutely disgusting how we have such a system set up, killing the beauty of live, killing their freedoms and dreams.  These poor animals are creatures just like us, they deserve the same rights as us as we share this planet.  I am tired of animals being discriminated against, THEY are the single most oppressed group on this planet; not the women, not the blacks, not the homosexuals (I know) and not even the black lesbian transgender polysexual blind feminist with one leg.  No.  The animals are the most repressed.  Imagine if the humans were to be harvested for good dna by another creature?  It would be a horror movie as we observe theater such as War of the Worlds. The lack of human ability to see this contradiction makes me so disappointed.  This is why be and my partner Lars have created a new product to help the addicts off their meat-based cravings.  Lars's Artificial Oil-Based Mechanically Separated Chicken Fill Paste Supplements™, it may cost 3x more then your average chicken, but you will have off your conscious that you are a murder and torturer.\n\n~Gustaf Farthinder, Homosexual PETA Sweden Advocate and Paste Chef

bootsnbolts: what does being homo have to do with the bigger issue? one thing that annoys the hell out of me is when gay people make every issue about being gay. get over it. it's bigger than gay vs. straight, it's about compassion and decency. who cares who you fuck. let's talk about the cluck.

Ethan Robertson: Who the hell cares that your a Swedish Homo?!

Makisupa Policeman: I love how the comments are so full of calloused disdain. "We're realists, we're tough, rarr rarr rarr!" Reminds me of how all the racists show up to make racist comments on a video about police brutality when they're trying to argue that it's not about race. Racist people being racist, uncaring people being uncaring. Always gotta try to come up with a good defense, though. For who's sake? Not the strangers in the comments section.

John Smith: Can anyone just let a fucking moment sit there without sappy music? I don't need to be told something is sad, the images convey that well enough. This would be more powerful without the sarah maclachlan-tier soundtrack telling you how to feel.

Paris K: +googleplussux Your reply comment made my night. TY.

Ataraxia: What I really think the main issue of how food companies have become so fucked up is because of greed. We have enough resources to end world hunger, but instead we manufacture living creatures as products so that we can satisfy the well off people, who could really stand to not create such a high demand for animals that we have to resort to such monstrous methods to keep up.

EpicGameGalHD: lol, you learn something new everyday

NingaDanny11: Ataraxia im not being mean but someone said "Why should we help kids who don't eat often there not gonna be the president who cares.We have you as our slaves building what we need ha your life is a slave you dont obey jail,!"

Alpine Skateboards: looks like a concentration camp to me

Crazy Compilations: +Gawd D. Loosion ^

Veronica Blane: It kinda is. The animals are often gassed to death just because of their species, just like Jews but because of their religion. The holocaust never truly ended.d

el scientifico: Symbolic of so much in America.