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The Remembrance and Veteran’s Day Poppy Special honoring individuals who’ve offered and individuals who died within the type of duty ends tonight (November 15th) at 23:59 MHQ time. Should you haven’t taken one yet, you’ve still got a little time! We’re grateful for those people from the military worldwide. Talking about being grateful, we wish to continue the popularity of giving thanks with the finish from the month. With removing the poppies, a brand new special will land into the spotlight just two minutes later.

American Thanksgiving is well known around the 4th Thursday in November and falls on November 24th this season. The vacation traces to a harvest feast at Plymouth in 1621 where Pilgrims and Indigenous Peoples celebrated together. (Our buddies towards the North celebrate Thanksgiving around the second Monday of October, and also the holiday traces to a 1578 voyage.) In modern days, Thanksgiving is well known with parades, feasts with family and buddies (also referred to as “Friendsgiving”), and football.

Team Munzee has shared this celebration with, and provide thank you for, our wonderful worldwide community. Whenever you capture a poultry leg, leave a remark around the Munzee letting the host have some understanding you’re grateful for! MHQ is grateful for that chance to carry on supplying a game title that builds this type of friendly and supportive community!

From 00:01 MHQ time on November 16th through 23:59 MHQ (CST) time on November 30th, you will see 1621 Poultry Leg icons into the spotlight which will bounce on greenies every six hrs, or when it’s taken. You’ll earn 24 points for capping one of these simple icons, and also the who owns the host greenie will earn 11 points. Additionally, you will generate the Happy Thanksgiving 2016 badge for capping among the icons. You might not capture a symbol by yourself Munzee.

The Munzee community is really a family, and we’re grateful that you’re some of it.

Have some fun, and Munzee on!

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