Thanksgiving 2016: 5 fast details you should know

circa 1930: American actress Joan Crawford (1908 – 1977) carving an enormous Thanksgiving poultry for any publicity shot. Oddly, celebrities were frequently requested to strike this pose by their publicists. (Photo by General Photo taking Agency/Getty Images)

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Joan Crawford cuts a poultry! (Getty)

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"Five Things that Happen when You Fast" with Jentezen Franklin


Hayleyz Mum: I have listen to other pastors regarding the topic FASTING but this man of God just breaks it down to pieces.Love it

Hayleyz Mum: luv

GraceGirl: Hayleyz Mum I so do agree with you. I watch him before I go to church in the mornings! I didn't know that he had a channel until I started reading his book on fasting.

Jojo Joanna: I am so blessed to know this man of God since February 2016. all his teachings on Fasting has changed me a lot. Thanks man of God

QueenStixx: Amen!! He's a wonderful teacher!! Be Encouraged!! :)

Angelina Van Rooyen: I'm blessed ,moved,touched, compelled, eager to do this fasting it just what I need right kn in my spiritual life the u for Gods word

钟心如: A beautiful word in this time of fasting blessed me God bless you Ps.jentezen

ob2be1: This word blessed me so

1Moretime: ob2be1 Amen! Me too!


Berriz Melody: God is good, I understand The fasting

Lovee Nate: Fasting!!

f will: Amen

Rachel Echesa: Am blessed with the teachings on fasting.