Thanksgiving 2016: a summary of free meals

  • Driver wiped out in 2-vehicle crash in Parma

  • Interstate 77 crash kills one Survivor found 2 days later

  • ‘He died a hero’: Family learns about Elyria sailor’s final moments after USS Fitzgerald collision

  • Student at Perry Senior High School in Massillon dies during first trip to landscaping job




erose _05: this video made me so happy. I'm glad there are still people who use their fame for good. love you Jake. <3

bruhitzjade21 bruh: erose _05 I agree he's making the world a better place I'm thankful that you care about anyone even if there poor you will still encourage them by your heart!�� luv u jake and team 10

Missy 150217: Jake You Told Me Too Say Thanks To One Of The Most Important People In My Life And Here Is One Of Them….. Thank You So Much Jake !!! For Making Me Smile, Laugh And Live Life To The Fullest. This Video Made Me Cry Because It Shows How Sweet People Are And That Everyone Should Be Treated The Same My Friend Was Happy And Healthy And One Day Her Dad Lost His Job And A Couple Of Weeks After They Lost There Home This Was Two years Ago And I Haven't Seen Her Since Take This As A Lesson Treat People The Way You want to Be Treated With Kindness Laughter And Happiness xxxxxx I Wish you All Lots of Good Luck in The Future And I Think People Would Agree With Me That Everyone Should Be Treated The Same xxxxxx Love You Lots ~ Missy xoxo

Marilin and Estephany: Missy 150217 same

Valerie Soto: Missy 150217 same

Leila BreezeValley: This is so amazing to see you do this amazing act of kindness. Whoever disliked this video should feel bad about them selves he spent his own money that he did not have to spend on making peoples day. This is an amazing thing to see and I am looking forward to seeing it this year too. You have inspired me to go out and give back to people, and that it what i am going to do tomorrow. Thank you for always inspiring me and keeping my happy and thinking about the positives.

Marilin and Estephany: Leila BreezeValley u r so right he spended like a thousand dollars bless u Jake love you

Luis Tapia: the people that dislike dont care about homeless

Mr. Brooks gamer: Luis Tapia yeah what if there where homeless

Olivia Fielding: Luis Tapia I think they thought it said dis-I-like

The Graceful Girl: Jake you are the most kindest person ever your funny, a dare devil, and the nicest person ever. You deserve to have 5 million subs, you deserve the fastest growing YouTube channel. You deserve a Lamborghini, you deserve a great mom and dad. I can't believe that your soooo nice and kind your nicer than Logan. I wish you could be my brother. My brothers are NOT sweet or kind. But you are! Like this if you agree with me! I LOVE YOU JAKE! It's every flipp'in day bro……..PEACE! ��������

Vanny Tube: The Graceful Girl Cause its everyday BRO

Emma's Life: This video is very kind. How could 100 some people dislike this. Shame on them.

Lilly Dotan: Emma's Life I know right

Alivia Joy: Emma's Life that so true

Saraha1206: You guys are literally the NICEST LOVING people out there. I love you guys. ����❤️❤️❤️��������

Missy Craig: OMG��!! You guys made me cry! I am so grateful for everything that I have and receive daily. Thank you guys SO much for making me realize that. Also, thank you guys SO much for giving back to the less fortunate. You inspired me so now, every Thanksgiving I give back. I love you SO much Jake Paul!��

Kan ForLife: Missy Craig ����

Allie Ayers: This is amazing. Jake you and your friends are great! Keep it up!

Hassaan Raza: 305 homeless people who didn't get the food disliked