Thanksgiving 2016 netflix recommendations for you and also everybody inside your family

Galaxy Quest

It’s that glorious season whenever we meet up with the household people we like (and a few that people could most likely do without) to sit down lower for any tasty meal and hopefully not really a big fight. However with a long weekend here, you’ll likely have ample free time while you’re spending time with family, and you’re just away from the mood to speak any longer. That’s what it’s time to go to Netflix to fill a while, and thankfully, there’s a multitude of movies that you should watch with anybody and everybody inside your family.

Below take a look at our Thanksgiving 2016 Netflix recommendations for some movies available today that may help you pass some time to keep each and every a family member occupied.Zootopia - Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (1)


To help keep the children distracted when you prepare, provide them with among the best animated movies of the season. It features a effective message at its core without having to be too preachy, the animation is outstanding, it’s funny, as well as a few of the adults within your house might make you alone after they realize just how it’s. See it now.


Netflix Shows That Will Blow Everyone Away In 2017


Looper: What 2017 Netflix show are you most excited for?

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Fionn_MCFC: The Punisher!!!

XxKazxX xoxo: Fionn_MCFC Punisher sucks…

b4daa: khal drogo in the thumbnail, wise decision my friend

Amira Strawter: b4daa Kahl Drogo, Aquaman, and Conan the barbarian

David MacKinnon: How much did Netflix pay you for this ad?

The Neon Director: Good list! Netflix and Hulu originals are really changing the TV game

Alexander Szewczyk: I'm amazed no one gives a shit or knows about The Last Kingdom/Season 2 coming out this year. Just sad in general.

RandomAccount23: Todd McKenzie89 their not that bad in that show just like 3 that you can fast forward

Floyd Entertainment Network: I thought Dear White People started to get annoying, and I'm black

Patricia Lemerise: My son watched it and it was annoying just listening to it occasionally!

Matthew Watson: Frontier is REALLY good. It's like Game of Thrones in Colonial Canada.

Bryan King: Lot of people freaking out over dear white people. From what I have heard it is satire and not offensive in any way. Lets hold out on the pitch forks and torches until it comes out ok guys.

Brian Jensen: There's three issues with the "dear black people" thing: First, it's extremely common to refer to oppressor classes as singular group, even if not all of them are actively oppressing people. For instance many Brits opposed how the American colonies were being treated (in fact, Washington's war strategy banked on those people having power and becoming fed up with the war) but no one went up to Paul Revere like "um, not ALL British". Second, our groups aren't interchangeable. Even if you ignore the 300+ years of history of white people taking a big ole dump on black people, statistic after study in modern times show a clear bias favoring us and harming them. Third, yeah… kinda all white people. We grew up in the society that produced those statistics, it's impossible not to let some of that stuff seep in. And even if that wasn't true, like even if I was the most non racist perfect white guy, I still benefit from racism. I benefit from the boss who's more likely to hire me, from the cop who pulls over the black guy instead of me, hell, people are more likely to listen to me about the things that affect black people then they are to actual black people.

Daniel Burton: 08:32 translation "white people suck". Tell me that you would be saying that with such neutrality if the races were reversed?

Sam: ^the movie wasn't about bashing white people lol, the movie was a satire about race relations and shed a light on racism on college campuses. It was really interesting and very fitting, as I am currently a college student.

Jay Dee: Not even gonna read the comments. I know people are TRIGGERED over the movie dear white people. And then they will counter with"if their was a movie about dear black people they would be upset"

mrpinkroo: Jay Dee would that be wrong, in your opinion?

mustang6035: All these programs for $13 and under a month. Thanx Netflix!!!