Circuit Level Power Control Simplified is a main maker of imaginative electrical power control answers for proficient sound, video, and lighting frameworks. Working intimately with framework planners, LynTec consolidates electrical insurance, circuit exchanging capacities, and a functional regulator inside a typical nook — saving significant wall space, bringing down establishment costs, and improving on framework activity. This cutting edge way to deal with electrical control arrangements has situated LynTec as a believed asset for any requesting establishment with complex power control necessities.

What Our identity is
LynTec is a main maker of remotely worked AC power control frameworks for the introduced sound, lighting and video ventures. The undisputed innovator in sound AC power sequencing at the circuit level highlighting “one touch” distant framework control, LynTec presently offers individual or gathered electrical switch on/off control and checking through an internet browser interface, extraordinary for huge A/V frameworks and dramatic lighting control. Single or multi-board frameworks use mechanized circuit breakers that give control and circuit assurance in a similar nook. LynTec power board control frameworks save space, further develops dependability and decreases establishment costs.

LynTec History
LynTec was established in 1982 by Lynn Potter to bring a period/level controlled concealing generator to showcase, the first PAC (Programmable Audio Controller). Later improvements included Paging Switchers and The CrowdComp™, Crowd Compensating Computer.

No rookie to the strong state gadgets market, Lynn came from a 16-year general flying flight producing foundation, spend significant time in route, correspondences, and radar.

AC Power Sequencing, turned into a significant line expansion to the organization in 1989, when General Electric ended an engine driven exchanging framework utilized for sound framework sequencing. Lynn answered by fostering the PDS-16 Power Delay Sequencer which gave 16 circuit sequencing in a transfer bureau put close to the power board.

Lynn extended the AC power sequencing line to remember mechanized circuit breakers for the mid 1990’s. Mechanized circuit breakers empowered LynTec to offer electrical assurance and circuit exchanging abilities in a similar nook. This bundle saved space, brought down framework establishment costs, and was a prompt hit with sound framework architects.

The power sequencing line presently covers an extensive variety of AC circuit counts, from 4 to 84 circuits for each board with limitless development capacity. LynTec sequencing is found in offices going from little temples to enormous performing expressions focuses and from secondary school exercise centers to NFL arenas and NHL and NBA fields.

In 2006, LynTec was bought by RDC, Inc. after Lynn chose to resign. The principal thing to take care of for RDC was to make the development of the electrical control business its first concern. In 2007 LynTec sent off the RPC remotely worked board line.

The RPC line has a web-empowered regulator that considers remote set-up, control and checking of the electrical switch board. A basic programming GUI is incorporated into a web server right on the control board, this intends that there is no extra programming to purchase or keep up with. When the RPC is modified, the framework can be controlled by means of any RS-232, DMX512 or TCP/IP regulator.

What’s in LynTec’s future? Extended lighting control, worked in power molding and portable applications are all underway. Search for LynTec to keep enhancing power control frameworks that are easy to set-up, simple to control and consistently dependable!