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6 Thanksgiving recipes to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving DayThanksgiving is really a holiday that people always wanting to devote to our families and buddies. Departing your homes empty you have to follow couple of simple ideas to make certain your folks are safe this year.

  • Don’t publish your holiday departure date on Facebook along with other social systems. You shouldn’t inform the world that the home is going to be unwatched.
  • Ask a number of other people in the future get your mail deliveries or make certain you canceled it for that holiday period.
  • Mute your phone ringer and make certain your answering machine isn’t stating that you’re away (better say something neutral, like ‘Hey, I’m busy right now, please leave a note!’).
  • Set a timer to function lights.
  • Never hide your keys outdoors, bear in mind that burglars understand all the ‘good’ secret places.
  • Have video surveillance installed in your house. By doing this you’ll be able to watch what’s going on within your house when you’re away. Furthermore you will get event-triggered or motion-triggered notifications by SMS or by e-mail.

Following these simple Thanksgiving recipes will make sure your holidays won’t be interrupted by restless ideas concerning the safety of your house. Possess a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Resourse: http://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/articles/happy-thanksgiving-day/

Xeoma surveillance / security software for linux


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Hades Eye: I know. You want to hack some bank security and make a heist. :P

Linux & Other Stuff: LOL

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Linux & Other Stuff: cool will check that out.