Rumi’s thanksgiving poem

Noosh jan B Persian illustration calligraphy digitalThis illustration is really a digital calligraphy from the Persian word “noosheh jaan”, a thing which you might have observed I personally use to sign off on recipes, which accurately means “may it’s wonderful for your being/soul”, a veritable florid mouthful in translation, only one that in keeping parlance simply expresses the sentiment of: “bon appetit” or “enjoy your meals.Inches Iranians pronounce this towards the gathering in particular prior to starting to consume – whether it is a regular family meal or perhaps an elaborate social gathering, and that i thought it may be a suitable sentiment you may anticipate the culinary feast of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving within the U.S is really a lovely national holiday focused on food, togetherness, and gratitude – celebrated around the last Thursday in November having a festive meal with one’s family and shut buddies. The roots from the holiday are tracked for an event generally known as the “First Thanksgiving” once the Pilgrims put a feast to provide just bounty of the first harvest within the " New World " in 1621 — inviting 90 Wampanoag Indigenous Peoples to participate them in celebratory festivities lasting three days. New settlers inside a " new world ", grateful for surviving, grateful for that kindness from the native occupants, all breaking bread together. One are only able to conjecture concerning the exquisite, increased emotional nature of these a celebration.

It’s possible to also appropriately question concerning the scrumptious food the Pilgrims offered. Recption menus is in the past recorded to possess incorporated waterfowl, venison, fish, lobster, clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin, squash and wild turkeys. A roasted poultry (the larger the better it appears the ceremonial carving which is an essential part from the holiday ritual) continues to be the formidable centerpiece of the traditional American Thanksgiving dinner with goose, duck, and also the tofu-poultry vegetarian concoction as alternatives. Cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed sweet taters, and pumpkin cake would be the fundamental, traditional sides – and don’t forget disregard the stuffing, quite frequently probably the most delectable and searched for-after delicacy while dining.

If only I’d a photograph in our first Thanksgiving meal. Whenever we first left Iran and gone to live in the U.S. my mother experienced a powerful duration of ferocious homekeeping. She knitted, she stitched, she cooked. She clipped and picked up recipes in abundance making yogurt, feta cheese, jams, jellies, pickles, preserves, pizza dough, cake crusts, take your pick, on your own and she or he accepted Thanksgiving and all sorts of its accoutrements with vim, vigor, enthusiasm and zest. Which isn’t surprising really – arrived at consider it. Our newbie inside a " new world " felt like this type of battery of feelings similar to being shipwrecked at occasions — exile is really a historic punishment for a simple reason, it’s very painful — and food and togetherness are anchors and safe harbors. Our first Thanksgiving would be a gorgeous bountiful spread – my mother’s campaign of scrumptious soldiering-on. Of re-creating a home. I required it as a given then which is only looking back which i possess the knowledge to admire her resilience and strength.

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Sooner or later, I’d like to share a number of my mom’s right now attempted-and-true family classic Thanksgiving recipes plus some in our new Persianized concoctions until then, let’s conclude with this particular feast of the poem about giving thanks and thanksgiving through the revered Persian poet and mystic, the best Rumi.

Rumi’s Thanksgiving Poem

Thanksgiving is sweeter than bounty itself.

One that cherishes gratitude doesn’t hang on to the present!

Thanksgiving may be the true meat of God’s bounty

the bounty is its covering,

For thanksgiving carries you to definitely the fireside from the Beloved.

Abundance alone brings heedlessness,
 thanksgiving gives birth to performance.

The bounty of thanksgiving will satisfy and elevate you,

and you’ll give 100 bounties in exchange.

Eat your fill of God’s delicacies,

and you’ll be free of hunger and pleading.

– Jalal Ad-Noise Muhammad Rumi


Coleman Barks reading a poem at the 2008 Dodge Poetry Festival


laughlight1: thank you all who bring good knowledge to me ~ I so appreciate your taking the time to put me on the right path of pure poetic inspiration and accurate information. peace in poetry ~ xo e11en

Massoud Ahmad: @laughlight1 Rumi was not an Arab Poet, but a Persian.. He was born in a city called Balkh in the north-eastern provinces of Persia (present day Afghanistan). 🙂 love and peace to all..

Charlotte Hutson-Wrenn: Fresh and original.

rollingklouds: You are too kind in your complements. \n\nYours was no ignorance at all. Everyone of us is partly ignorant and partly not. The clownests of all are those who think or feel like they know everything.\n\nDespite your humility, I had clicked on your channel this morning (if the top video is your own) I found it to be somewhat the summary of what the foundation of cognition should be. I listened to about half of it, and will hear the rest latter.\n\nThanks for that.\n\nPeace be with you.

laughlight1: thank you rollingklouds for correcting my inaccuracy. you enlighten me, brighten the darkness of ignorance if Persian (Farsi) was the language…thanks much. to poetry, clarity, love & the peaceable Universal oneness of us all…Namaste.

rollingklouds: Rumi wrote in Persian (Farsi), not Arabic. Arabic literature too, is incredibly rich and beautiful. \n\nTruly, Barks' contribution is immense. \n\nThe cult of Frankfurt Institute cut off the West from its heritage, and gave 'birth' to a cultural 'baby' that is neither Western, nor spiritual. An implant is being run as the real western civilization.\n\nSouls of mankind are kept apart through 'clashes of civilizations', and its swords are run against one another for bloody displays; what a shame.

laughlight1: There IS no more beautiflul poet/Translator in our American language than this man…the Teacher/Intepreter of RUMI to our language…who has done this Work for so many years. Bless This Man of Character & Deserts…..Bless this Lion of a man. He has brought us an entirely new culture in his translation work of the World's most beloved Arabic poet…who Transforms us in his Native tongue….Bless this man who brings us Rumi.\nHe is exquisite.