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Daily effective prayers


arshad afzal: Amen! I am impressed by your devotion to God and Jesus. Your prayers are very effective and powerful and you will surely be rewarded by God.

DailyEffectivePrayer: God loves you and has a marvelous plan for your life. God bless you with more and more.

arshad afzal: Thanks a lot

Christel .O: Could you also make a prayer for controlling our tongue, and prayer for a change of heart? Many blessings :-)

DailyEffectivePrayer: I made a note of your prayer requests Christel. Thank you for your input. God bless you abundantly!

daniel mason: Amen I want him to help me with my bad habits and becoming a better person

DailyEffectivePrayer: Praying for you Daniel.


ali 678910: Dear Lord I ask you change me an mold me in your way Amen

DailyEffectivePrayer: Amen.

Rose heaven: +DailyEffectivePrayer Thank you for this prayer. ������

Joyce Aggrey: Hallelujah Amen. Thank you Jesus

Jasminka Karamustafic: Amen

DailyEffectivePrayer: Amen. God bless you Jasminka.

Phillips David Thompson: Pray to Jesus keep me sane. Please pray for me during this hardship . Am losing my house and everything . But still have my family and few good friends. Pray that this hardship will go away soon. AMEN AMEN AMEN

DailyEffectivePrayer: Praying for you Phillips.

Kate's Free: Amen! Praise God, and thank you so much!

DailyEffectivePrayer: You are welcome Kate. God bless you.

Eduardo Tangsang: I'm addicted to smoking..\nPlease pray for me…

DailyEffectivePrayer: Praying for you Eduardo.