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Missouri prayer global ministries » happy thanksgiving! What gate are you currently

Happy Thanksgiving!


We enter His gates with thanksgiving and the courts with praise!  What gate are you currently entering within this season of the existence?  There are lots to select from!  It appears that only at that season once the picture of idealism and idealistic scenes of tranquility and false pleasure invade our senses, our expectation of existence increases.  Then when reality hits, we are able to have a downward become depression or loneliness.  For individuals people who realize that pleasure is available in the existence of god and away from the presents underneath the Christmas tree or even the poultry up for grabs, christmas is touring.  But for individuals whose expectation is within this existence, in idealism, the right family, and also the perfect holiday, disappointment is likely to end up an undesirable guest.  Perhaps we’re able to decide to go into the gate of thanksgiving and also the court of praise in this season, keeping our eyes around the Lord and loving others together with his elegance.  My prayer for you personally is you will really enter His gate this year and remain in the court even in the middle of the growing season of family, food, gifts, and celebration.  


There are plenty of who see existence with the lens of victimhood.  May you be the one that lifts their sights to some greater perspective.  May the pleasure that you simply possess attack the time/space continuum of the existence, and individuals surrounding you notice that you’re different, possibly even peculiar.  I love this quote from William Purkey: 


               “Dance like nobody is watching, Love like you’ll not be hurt, Sing like nobody is listening, Live like it’s paradise on the planet.Inches


Possess a wonderful Thanksgiving season!

Apostle Regina Shank

Missouri Prayer Global Ministries

Resourse: http://missouriprayerglobalministries.org/from-apostle-regina-shank-10/

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