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(NaturalNews) When pondering what, exactly, we may give thank you for about this Christmas, it’s worth remembering that throughout history, almost everyone has resided under absolute tyranny. These were "subjects" of nobleman, or emperors or tyrants pretending to become gods.

Yet America is one thing different. This nation began on the revolutionary principle — that no ruler is over the law or over the most popular man. In The Usa, there aren’t any nobleman. No royalty. No "untouchables" (or, a minimum of, there’s not said to be). A cutting-edge societal structure of distributed power and comparatively free market financial aspects resulted in anybody could theoretically become President… or perhaps become wealthy through innovation and difficult work.

Our Founding Fathers ordained that individuals in power could be susceptible to the desire of those, and just a few days ago, we observed something which might have in the past been a violent, bloody uprising and revolution if transported out almost elsewhere. With the exception of our situation, it had been a bloodless revolution in the ballot box. All over America, people rose in defiance of the corrupt establishment, tossing them from office inside a democratic promise of political accountability.

(For individuals who say Hilary won the most popular election, it isn’t valid: Jesse Trump campaigned to win the electoral college, and not the popular election, selecting to win where it counts underneath the current rules. When the victor were determined exclusively through the popular election, Trump might have campaigned in high-population metropolitan areas like La and New You are able to, and that he might have targeted the most popular election rather from the electoral election.)

Give just freedoms we still retain… which help us regain those we have lost

This Thanksgiving, we ought to all give just indisputable proven fact that we’re not yet completely covered with the tyrants that are attempting to control America. We’ve just shown that we are able to deliver shocking election results which are completely unpredicted through the globalists, the establishment and also the fakestream media.

This power of those is very rare across today’s world which makes it something worth protecting and valuing at each level. Think about the astonishing proven fact that due to the power the ballot box, Republicans are at this time strategizing steps to make your existence better, more prosperous and much more secure to enable them to win again in 2020 and 2024. Meanwhile, Democrats take inventory of why they lost on and on via a reorganization phase to try and be a political party that’s once more highly relevant to the United states citizens.

Essentially, both of these political parties compete to determine pick which it’s possible to help make your existence better. Levels of competition are good, because it results in improved innovation and accountability. However I suspect the bigger solution in most this is present in living our way of life with little if any government control whatsoever. While Democrats and Republicans can compete to determine who are able to hands the most benefits, the best the fact is that government still exists like a "big lie" that claims we want these to safeguard us from ourselves. This is the whole idea of social security, incidentally, that was built round the big lie that states personnel are too stupid in order to save their very own money, and so the government should steal money from everybody and promise to at some point give a bit of it back by means of extremely devalued fiat currency.

Nonetheless, regardless of the lies and failings of the us government today, we still reside in the freest country in the world. We have our sacred Third and fourth Amendment legal rights, for instance, and American patriots very defend both of them. Consider it: In the number of international locations could a man much like me freely criticize obama with words while independently having a .50 cal Barrett rifle? Each of individuals could be considered criminal activity in virtually every other country all over the world, however in America, they’re still respected freedoms. (Although, particularly, the political left is anxiously attempting to eliminate both the foremost and Second Amendments…)

Now you have to battle for the freedoms to ensure that our kids can provide thanks once they inherit this nation

Being grateful for the freedoms isn’t, alone, sufficient. We have to defend our freedoms by taking exercise them. If you value the very first Amendment, begin a blog or news site. If you value the 2nd Amendment, obtain a hidden carry permit and begin transporting a loaded weapon for self-defense. And if you value America, defend America together with your words, your passion as well as your actions.

Don’t forget this: Every person liberty is despised by tyrants, plus they continuously attempt to crush such freedoms at each chance. Should you hope to reside in a global where one can still give interesting liberties, your freedom of speech, your to vocalize your dissent as well as your to defend your existence, liberty and communities having a gun, please join me in eliminating for America out of this day forward.

Freedom is not something that’s "kept in.Inch It’s constantly being eroded through the laying "fake" mainstream media, corrupt government bureaucrats and would-be socialists and communists who dislike individual liberty. The "Tree of Liberty," quite simply, should be refreshed every so often… Hopefully avoid bloodstream however with the language and actions of passionate, law-abiding Americans who recognize the need for the country we have been handed by our ancestors.

Now it’s our use keep these freedoms intact so we have a rustic to hands to the own children. It will not be always easy. Political snakes and reptiles are attempting to poison our Republic and seize it for his or her dubious agendas. We have to remain educated, vigilant and courageous within our defense of liberty. So we must speak out against injustice wherever we witness it.

This is exactly why this Thanksgiving, I give thank you for individuals like you… my fellow siblings and siblings across America who recognize what we are fighting for. You who get this to country a location worth protecting, which is your desire for truth, justice and individual liberty that ultimately enables all of us to talk about citizenship within the finest nation the world has seen.

May you have a plentiful, happy Thanksgiving this season, and If only all of you the greatest benefits for the future together within this great nation.

– Mike Adams, the Ranger

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