The 16 best hashtags in the rock’s instagram

The 16 best hashtags in the rock's instagram full of

Require a laugh? Style tips? Daily gym motivation delivered straight to your social networking feed? The Rock’s Instagram has your back. The Furious 7 star continuously churns the most double-tap-worthy gems on the web.

We are really not the only person love the buff-bodied action star’s feed. Whenever we requested Anna Kendrick to construct a summary of her social networking must-follows, The Rock was towards the top of her list. "You might also need to follow along with Dwayne Manley (@TheRock) or else you just aren’t living," she told us. "His tweets would be the most positive, inspiring things."

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"You might also need to follow along with Dwayne Manley (@TheRock) or else you just aren’t living." —@AnnaKendrick47

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Still convincing? Actually, The Rock may be the Shakespeare of hashtags.

Yes, The Rock comes with an amazing selfie game and the behind-the-scenes coverage is first rate, what we actually love about his social networking prowess are his hashtags. Frequently absurd and try to wonderful, he delivers priceless, buzzy bite-sized existence training, one-liners, and fashion tips. Essentially, The Rock’s hashtags are the way you wish to live our lives—full of chance, love, and #NoFannyPacks.

The 16 best hashtags in the rock's instagram Yes, The Rock comes with

Continue reading for the 16 favorites and prepare to double-tap every one of these.


We can not wait to determine the star-studded Lip Sync Fight premiere on April second, especially after recognizing The Rock’s selfie with rival Jimmy Fallon. The challenging guy is going to be making use of his inner Taylor Quick to do "Shake Them BackInch since, #RockLovesHimSomeTayTay.


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Gor Don: Getting cooler as he gets older, an inspiration to me

manhal tellow: +Ralph Gordo yea he is so fucking chill and funny af reminds me of rick fox the lackers legend.

Gor Don: +manhal tellow ha, pretty ricky

Emeline Egan: I love you, love your head, love your tattoo, love your shirt, love your face, love your voice, marry me������������������������❤️��������������

Marc Klein: I'd love to train with the Rock

tuks fsiouuths: worst music ever….

Emily Googoo: He reminds me of my uncle Jarvis he works out and he's strong and kinda sounds like Dwan and he's bald too (no hate) and he's a loyar and he lives in Halifax but he doesn't cuss also he LOVES to go traveling and going places new last month he went Mexico

German: This music is sooo freaking annoying, it's hard to enjoy the video itself

Count Duku: This isn't his channel… But dang look at those ads lol

Count Duku: i don't care

Rachdanon X: Whats with the talking to animals and threadmills

analyn ortega: Follow back on insta Dwayne please I'm stalking you everyday!!!!!

Jayvee Adrian: i wish the rocks gonna go back on wwe raw

Fruk waipojanee: 2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

Mr Krabs: cringe

DonatIbraimi: nah he's awesome

Maria Gomez: Love

Zombie Killa2K6: I really want to be like you man you're very awesome cool man I just wish I could be like you really I wish but I can't people just say I'm a loser but I think they're just jealous that they can't be just like you or me

chucky cigar: Hey

Manu Reyes Ortega: Pls song?