Catholic hopes: evening functions of thanksgiving

Catholic hopes: evening functions of thanksgiving today, that people


We provide you with thanks and praise, Almighty Father, for getting known as us right now to celebrate the eternal covenant in our redemption. Get this to evening holy, rather than withdraw your ex from us. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Thanks, Lord, for that love and protection you’ve proven us throughout this very day. Stretch your hands of blessing over us today that people may finish your day once we started it, by praising your holy name. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Almighty Father, inside your loving providence every hair in our mind is counted, every tear is noted, and each prayer heard. We appreciate your faithful goodness to all of us, and request a peaceful evening, and fortunate rest. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


We provide you with thanks, Almighty God, for the gifts you’ve provided to us in this day. Keep our hearts available to your ex and elegance today, that people may always should be known as your kids. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


May the thanks we express today, Lord, be for all of us a foretaste from the grateful pleasure which fills our hearts whenever your kingdom comes. For now, let’s grow ever more powerful in belief, hope, and love. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Catholic hopes: evening functions of thanksgiving We appreciate your


Thanks, heavenly Father, for that graces you’ve provided us with today. Appreciate inviting us to talk about within the sufferings of the Boy and thus to follow along with him, to glory. From your Holy Spirit, provide us with strength and encouragement today, and let’s love each other. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Father, you’ve made us in your image, as well as your Boy recognized dying for the salvation. Allow us to to help keep watch in prayer whatsoever occasions. May we reduce crime whenever we leave our planet and rejoice in peace along with you for good and ever. Amen.


God's Healing Hour of Power – Prayer & Meditation with Minister Fitz


VanessaSimon26: Thank you for this. I need healing and restoration in. My marriage. I am in need of Jesus hearing my heart so I can be in love and love my husband. He has neglected me intimately for many years and he says he is finally ready but my heart is so broken I feel empty and plus have been going through severe depression for the last 14 weeks. Please pray for us for us we have two beautiful children. I need Jesus. I need God to enter my heart and mind. \nThank you for your prayers. Thank you for this video.

A Font: VanessaSimon26 God we declare healing upon her marriage and her mind. we declare a new heart in both of them. we declare that the enemy will not touch their home anymore. in the name of jesus.

Fitz Houston: I am in agreement with you, A Font , in the name of Jesus!

etta phil: please pray for me to overcome fear of driving.

Constance Lord: Constance Lord

Mary Ann Amper: VanessaSimon26 zzz

Fitz Houston: TESTIMONY accidently deleted – 12/14/2016 – (RE: Our prayer videos) – Ruth Schampier\nMy name is Ruth and almost every night, I charge my phone on my bedside table and play one of MINISTER FITZ HOUSTON'S HOUR OF HEALING PRAYERS AND SCRIPTURES AS I GO TO SLEEP. I just allow whatever follows continue through the night and soak in the word as he reads it in the deep ANOINTED way God has delivered it through him. When I awake, my phone is charged and so is my Spirit. God richly bless this annointed man of God for the lives that are being touched, changed, saved and HEALED by listening to him daily.

Rogelio Salibay: Fitz Houston Thank you Lord God all the blessings to my dear family and may you have more blessings to us… In Lord Jesus Christ's name… Amen…

Fitz Houston: Praie the Lord, Brother Rogelio! I stand in agreement with you and your prayer, in the name of Jesus. God bless you. Min. FItz (

Karen Webb: I stopped at the clicking and went to sleep last night ! peaceful ��

Matthewm Aird: en Webb

dorothy Gibson: Matthewm Aird

Joanne Taylor: I am seeking God's guidance and wisdom not only for me but for the man I love. I pray that God would show me his will for this relationship and I pray that I can be obedient to His will for us. I am so confused.

jd quinitchette: FATHER GOD, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, THE SPIRIT OF DOKKAN IS REBUKED, as are all other unnamed entities associated with this demonic force. \n\nThe Holy Spirit of GOD comes forth NOW to place DOKKAN under His feet, cast it into the Abyss, never to rise again. This is your appointed time and place to be neutralized, DOKKAN. GO, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. GO AND DO NOT RETURN.\n\nSovereign LORD, in the NAME of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, SHOW AND PROVE Galatians 6:7 TODAY in the life of this commenter: \n\n"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." \n \nLet this person SEE FOR THEMSELVES the result of the prayers of the humble ones who fear YOU and not them. No one asked this person how this heartfelt prayer "sounds" to their closed mind and stunted soul. Nobody who comes to this page needs to be corroded with spite and bitter profanity. \n\nThe person who posted it needs a direct contact with YOU RIGHT NOW, THIS MINUTE, to teach him or her to come to Jesus or STAY IN THEIR HELLBOUND LANE. \n\nNot MY will, but Thy will be done here. Show this person You are nothing to play with, and replace this sarcastic, bitter, profane spiritual outlook with Your purpose, dear LORD. This is my sincere prayer, in Jesus' MIGHTY name, AMEN.

Sweet Neez: jd quinitchette SIS, I STAND IN AGREEMENT������������ IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS��AMEN and AMEN❗������ AGAPELOVE❗��

Nnamdi Iroham: I was directed here by the most high and am glad that this found me. Thanks for the prayers and insights. The past year has been really difficult in all aspects of my life and movements. But now, I have been delivered from the wolves after waking up to the teachings and miracles of the most high. I want to ask for a request for all that has been stolen from me spiritually to return in this realm and for me to see prosperity, good health and happiness to those around me and care about. Amen. I also published a new book about two months ago and I ask for it to reach the right audience. Thank you again and blessings.

Fitz Houston: +Nnamdi Iroham – Praise God and thanks for your comment of support and for your powerful testimony of deliverance from hardship through the power of God and applying His Word. It is truly appreciated. Regarding your prayer request, In the name of Jesus, I stand in agreement with you that "all that has been stolen from you spiritually to return in this realm and for you to see prosperity, good health and happiness to those around you and care about" and that the new book you have published will reach the right audience. According to His word, "where two or three are gathered in His name, there He is in the midst of them."Therefore, in the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that everything we have just prayed for will come to pass beginning right now. Keep me posted and stay strong in the Lord. Minister Fitz (

Nnamdi Iroham: +Fitz Houston (Faith Hope Help) amen amen. blessings to you and yours.

Jules Rensch: PRAYER REQUEST:\n \nThere's a lady I've known forever. She's very sick. It seems that we have caused this sickness in our lack of concern for our neighbor, our inability to talk to each other and solve petty differences. On top of that, she's being abused by those to whom she has given everything….. Lies about her abound, and seem to come from all sides. Just breaks my heart. Seems there's nothing I can do alone but maybe, if we join in and lift her up together, we can heal her. She's well over 230 years old, but way too young to die. Her name is 'America'… And I love her and have always been proud of her. Let's ask our Creator to "heal us" so that together, we can heal America!\n \n

Sherma Salandy: Katheyn Schwickert