Hopes of thanksgiving after holy breaking of the bread

Hopes of thanksgiving after holy breaking of the bread personally also


Glory to thee, O God Glory to thee, O God Glory to thee, O God.


I thank thee, O Lord my God, that thou hast not rejected me, a sinner, but hast accounted me worthy to become communicant of thy holy Mysteries. I thank thee that thou hast accounted me, the not worthy, worthy to partake of thine immaculate and heavenly gifts. But, O Master who lovest mankind, who didst both die for all of us and rise again, and didst give here these thy terrible and existence-giving Mysteries for that benefiting and sanctification in our souls and physiques grant that they’re going to be for me personally also unto the healing of soul and the body, unto the averting of all things contrary thereto unto the enlightenment from the eyes of me unto the peace of my spiritual forces unto belief invincible unto love unfeigned unto fulfilling of knowledge unto the keeping of thy commandments unto development in thy divine elegance, and also the attainment of thy kingdom that by them preserved in thy holiness, I might ever remember thy elegance, and henceforth live not unto myself, but unto thee, our Master and Benefactor. And therefore, if this existence is ended with the hope of eternal existence, I might achieve unto everlasting rest, in which the voice of individuals who keep festival is unceasing, and also the delight of individuals who behold the ineffable enhance of thy countenance is never-ending: for thou art the real desire and unutterable pleasure of individuals who love thee, O Christ goodness, and all sorts of creation hymneth thee forever. Amen.

3. A Prayer of St. Tulsi the truly amazing

O Master, Christ goodness, King from the ages, and maker of the things: I thank thee for the good stuff which thou hast presented upon me, as well as for this partaking of thine immaculate and existence-giving Mysteries. Wherefore I pray thee, who art good and lovest mankind: Keep me under thy protection, as well as in the cisco kid of thy wings and grant unto me having a pure conscience as well as unto my last breath, to partake of thy holy Mysteries, unto remission of sins and unto existence everlasting. For thou art the Bread of Existence, the Fountain of holiness, the Giver of excellent things, and unto thee we ascribe glory: towards the Father, and also to the Boy, and also to the Holy Spirit: now and ever, and unto day of ages. Amen.

4. A Prayer of St. Simon Metaphrastes

O thou who voluntarily dost give thy flesh in my experience as food,
Thou who art a fireplace, consuming the not worthy,
Consume me not, O my Creator
But instead go through my parts of the body,
Into my joints, my reins, me.
Burn thou the thorns of my transgressions,
Cleanse my soul, and hallow thou my ideas.
Make firm my knees, and my bones likewise
Enlighten as you my five senses,
Establish me wholly in thy fear
Ever shelter me, and guard and me
Of all the soul-corrupting deed and word,
Chasten me, purify me, and control me
Decorate me, educate me, and enlighten me.
Show me to become a Tabernacle of thy Spirit only,
As well as in no wise the dwelling-host to crime,
That from me, thy habitation, with the entrance of thy Breaking of the bread,
Every evil deed and each passion may flee as from fire.
As intercessors I provide thee all of the Saints,
Both Angelic Leaders from the Bodiless Forces,
Thy Forefront-runner, and thy wise Apostles
And besides these, thine immaculate and chaste Mother
Do thou accept their hopes, my Christ, who’re compassionate,
Making thy servant to become a child from the light:
For thou alone, Good Lord, would be the sanctification and splendor in our souls,
And also to thee as God and Master, daily,
Duly we ascribe all glory.

Hopes of thanksgiving after holy breaking of the bread might achieve unto everlasting


May thy holy Body, O Lord Jesus goodness, be unto me for existence eternal, and thy precious Bloodstream unto remission of my sins. May this Eucharist be unto me for pleasure, health, and gladness and also at thy dread Second Coming cause me to feel, a sinner, worthy to face in the right hands of thy glory: with the intercessions of thine all-immaculate Mother as well as all thy Saints. Amen.

6. A Prayer towards the All-Holy Theotokos

O All-holy Lady Theotokos, light of my darkened soul, my hope, my shelter, my refuge, my consolation and my pleasure: I thank thee that thou hast accounted me worthy, although not worthy, to become a partaker from the immaculate Body and precious Bloodstream of thy Boy. But do thou, who gavest birth towards the true Light, enlighten the mental eyes of me O thou who didst bear the fountain of growing old, quicken thou me who lie dead in crime, O empathy-loving Mother from the merciful God, have whim upon me, and grant me humbleness and contrition of heart, and meekness within my ideas, and deliverance in the bondage of my vain imaginings. And account me worthy, even unto my last breath, to get without condemnation the sanctification from the immaculate Mysteries, unto the healing of both soul and the body. And grant unto me tears of repentance and confession, which i may hymn thee and glorify thee all of the times of my existence: for fortunate and glorified art thou unto any age. Amen.

Resourse: http://antiochian.org/orthodox-hopes/
Hopes of thanksgiving after holy breaking of the bread me for pleasure, health, and

Breaking Bad Thanksgiving!


The Key of Awesome: Better Call Saul….for Thanksgiving dinner HAHAHAH get it?

Verk of the Fae: based on a true story

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Elliot Colin: You were turned on when you started?

Mono Nonny: +Elliot Colin 24/7 boner

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