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How a Catholic Saved the Pilgrims at Thanksgiving


Terry Morgan: The Catholic faith in action is still the best hope for America

MrsDi: Happy Catholic Thanksgiving, Dr. Marshall and Family!

Gilberto C-G: Great video but in your description you need to make a correction. Franciscan friars are not monks. The friars are mendicants who go about the world preaching, while monks are cloistered men of prayer who never leave the monastery.

ultimouomo11: +Gilberto C-G Defenition of Friar: a member of any of certain religious orders of men, especially the four mendicant orders (Augustinians, Carmelites, Dominicans, and Franciscans).\n\nsynonyms: monk · brother · religious · cenobite ·contemplative

Seethi C: Question, if Squanto was a practicing Catholic, why would he voluntarily return to America? He knew there was no access to a Catholic Mass, so wouldn't he be avoiding his Sunday obligation.

Puryear Eaker: look for ShepherdSurvives Website service to learn how to survive the end days

BEST BOOK NETWORK: Excellent video Taylor!! Hey I hope you serve up some wild Texas boar; Louisiana nutria and even rattlesnake to make Thanksgiving delicious. best regards, Bill McIntosh

Killerbesan _: Squanto wasn't born until 1580…. This simply isn't possible

Killerbesan _: Read the article .

William Kennedy: I do not see an article, only the video… However, there is a claim, that the first Thanksgiving feast, was actually in St Augustine, Florida.. Which very well might be true, because St Augustine, is actually the oldest city in America.. But it was settled by the Spanish.. America was born out of her fight for independence from the Brits… So the above video explains the English Pilgrims Thanksgiving day, which was in the year 1621… \nSo that's all I've got to say about this… No need to read an article, it's historical fact…

Cynthia X: FANTASTIC!!

LindaBkrWms: +William Kennedy Kateri is very important to us but few   Na recognize that our lady of guadalupe  was a pregnant girl  that appears to be both European and NA.  The Mohawks  were  one of the iroquis allies.  I think  that often the iroquis are recognized for their suspicious and superstitious  society. As i said before the cherokee  worhipped a  One God.. a creator.  We have many  stories that the early settlers called mythology.  In truth we have stories of the great deluge  and stories of the time when we had written words ( this was a time when we also were able to talk  with animals  because we had not yet fallen away from God — the Adam Eve connection) It is said the animals  and the humans lived in peace until the humans sinned against God.  In their sinful nature they began to struggle for food and resorted to eating the animals.   We can notice a  possible connection to a time when we will not eat meat again ( or god will just create  meat without the animal  we never know)  when we  look at hos the  lion will  lay with the lamb  and the baby will  play in the cobra's den.

William Kennedy: Pax Romana? I think this system, or time period, a couple hundred years, at the time of Jesus' birth.. Is more like, peace through power… Kind of like the way the USA governs today… Not so much be our friend or die, but more like, don't mess with us, or you will definitely regret it… Trouble is, there's always someone who wants to be the top dog… All the way down to a pack of wild dogs.. The younger dog will challenge the old top dog, eventually.. It happened to Rome, it will happen to us :(

Carolann6081: Wow! Thank you for the information. Happy Thanksgiving.

Delawanna: September 8th is The Real Thanksgiving….

William Kennedy: Yes, thankful for our Blessed Mothers birth :)

Payson Fields: Awesome – I always learn more about our faith when I watch, listen or read your blog.