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Prayer of St. Pio of Pietrelcina after Holy Breaking of the bread

Stick with me, Lord, for it’s important to possess

You present to ensure that I don’t forget You.

You are aware how easily I abandon You.

Stick with me, Lord, since i am weak

and that i need Your strength,

which i might not fall so frequently.

Stick with me, Lord, for you personally are my existence,

and without You, I’m without fervor.

Stick with me, Lord, for you personally are my light,

and without You, I’m in darkness.

Stick with me, Lord, to exhibit me Your will.

Stick with me, Lord, to ensure that I hear Your voice

and follow You.

Stick with me, Lord, for I need to adore you

greatly, and try to maintain Your organization.

Stick with me, Lord, if You want me to become faithful for you.

Stick with me, Lord, as poor as my soul is,

I would like that it is a host to consolation for you personally, a nest of affection.

Stick with me, Jesus, for this gets late and also the day is due a detailed, and existence passes

dying, judgment, eternity approaches. It’s important to resume my strength,

to ensure that I won’t stop on the way as well as for that, I want You.

It’s getting late and dying approaches,

I’m afraid the darkness, the temptations, the dryness, the mix, the sorrows.

O the way i need You, my Jesus, within this nights exile!

Stick with me tonight, Jesus, in existence with all of its dangers. I want You.

Allow me to recognize You as the disciples did in the breaking from the bread,

so the Eucharistic Breaking of the bread function as the Light which disperses the darkness,

the pressure which sustains me, the initial pleasure of me.

Stick with me, Lord, because in the hour of my dying, I wish to remain u . s . for you,

otherwise by breaking of the bread, a minimum of by elegance and love.

Stick with me, Jesus, I don’t request divine consolation, because I don’t merit it,

however the gift of the Presence, indeed, I find out individuals!

Stick with me, Lord, for you alone I search for, Your Ex, Your Elegance, Your Will, Your Heart,

Your Spirit, since i adore you and get not one other reward but to like You increasingly more.

Having a firm love, I’ll adore you with all of me during earth

and then adore you perfectly during all eternity. Amen.

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Mortimer: Saint Pio cure my Brother who I love so much ask Jesus not to take him , I ask for a miracle from you …

Ann Fournillier: Mortised

Victoria Irizarry: Ann Fournillier m

CHRISTelle27: Happy feast day of St. Padre Pio everyone! Pray, hope, and don't worry! 🙂 God bless us all! ❤

Savino Marcovecchio: gb

Irene Curran: Savino Marcovecchio

Lynne Henderson: Bless you and thank you Saint Pio for prayers answered.

TypesALot: Amen.

Pat Sawyer: I have been sick for 38 months, and cannot walk very well. please help me to walk.

Donald Tefft: May Padre Pio Answer your prayer

Patricia Gold: padre pio heal my kidneys and cure body from any disease that I have in my body.

alphb58: Padre Pio thankyou so very much for helping to lead my to where my steps need to go. I pray that I continue to be lead by the Holy Spirit, learn more and more from the two witnesses, and I ask that you intercede along with all the saints on my behalf, and my dear, dear Blessed Immaculate Virgin Mary to intercede and ask our Holy Lord Jesus, Most High True God. to lead my steps on doing only His will, and help me to make a pure and good honest confession to Him daily. Please guide my feet and my mouth, my whole soul, body, mind and spirit so that I can be at my best example for my family and those around me of God's unending love and mercy.

Cyndee Pharr: I got a bump in my lower left jaw please help me

Marians Villalobos: To.E.Marie61.l was reading about your friends with breast cancer My love for Father Pio he is a intercede for us pray and the Rosary and the prayers for Father Pio l give testimony one year ago lhave Brest cancer,stage 4 and sisters and brothers from my prayer group say Marian you going to be fine today lm going to treatment very light once a month my oncology day Marian keeping pray to God and Father Pio day by day l feel better.lm eating healthy my number one healer I's Father Pio.blessing and peace.marian.

EMarie61: St. Padre Pio, there are those in my church who are very sick, especially with cancer. Two ladies who are very dear to me are suffering through breast cancer and complications from chemo. Please ask Our Lord to touch them with His healing hand. And please pray that I will love God above all things and my neighbor as myself. Amen and thank you. <3

Wanda Meeker: I have been praying to Saint Padre Pio.


john rupert Pruijsen: Thank you Padre Pio you answer my Prayers thank you my son he pass the examen today ,, thank you very much Padre Pio ,,Amen ..

Fatima Dias: Through the intercession of Saint Padre Pio, my Son's abdominal surgery wound is getting better. I thank you Saint Padre Pio. Praise the Lord. I encourage those who need healing with faith pray to Saint padre pio.

Elpedia Green: I thank you Father PIO for the blessing you given to my children and myself, and continue bless us always, AMEN and AMEN….