Student thanksgiving hopes – christ our savior catholic school

Student thanksgiving hopes - christ our savior catholic school Stephen Okuwobi Dear

Dear Jesus,

Jesus, assist me to to appreciate you want David always did. I thanks and praise you for all you have provided my loved ones and me. Appreciate supplying money for the family to ensure that we are able to have food on the table, clothes on the backs, along with a roof over our heads. I thanks and praise additionally you for giving my parents money so will be able to come with an education only at that school. Also thanks, God for giving me the brains to continually jump on the A recognition roll and also to remain on it. God, I additionally appreciate giving me everything I would like and everything I want, to ensure that I’ll be pleased with everything I’ve. I additionally appreciate making me just generate income am as well as for giving me wonderful parents to consider proper care of me. Lastly, I appreciate being so caring in my experience and my loved ones.

Amen  – Michael Ogunfowokan

Dear Jesus,

Appreciate all things in my existence. Appreciate giving me food and shelter. Appreciate a pleasant home to reside in and good food to consume. Appreciate a mom and dad, ones who love me greatly. Appreciate every costly factor I’m lucky to possess. Appreciate buddies, family along with other wonderful individuals who love me. Appreciate a bed to rest on, clothes to put on and also the proper winter attire of these cold days. I understand some kids aren’t as fortunate like me, so I wish to appreciate everything I’ve. I’m so grateful and glad. So thanks.

Amen – Cheyenne Rios


Dear Jesus,

I’m grateful for all you have provided me. I’m grateful in my existence and my loved ones. I’m very grateful in my school. You’ve proven me love so I’ll demonstrate my love. Whenever you helped me you’d lots of plans. I provide you with thanks with all of me I give thanks with all of my soul. Appreciate my buddies. I appreciate my country. My relatives are another factor I’m grateful for. I’m grateful in my house and my possessions. With all of this stuff I’m grateful for I’ll always remember the most crucial factor I’m grateful for… you saving my existence from crime.

Amen – Stephen Okuwobi

Dear Jesus,

Appreciate everything you have given me, Jesus. I’m happy for everything I’ve. I wish to appreciate the household I’ve simply because they always take care of me. Appreciate the shelter you provided since it protects me after i sleep. Appreciate the understanding you provided since i utilize it to resolve problems anywhere. Appreciate the meals you provided since i may have enough energy the following day. Thanks you for that drinks you provided, and so i will not be thirsty. Appreciate the college I am going to, so I can learn. Appreciate the present of Baptism, so I can visit paradise. I’m also grateful for that gift of prayer, in order to pray for you always. Appreciate the get you gave us to reside on, so we all can enjoy our way of life. Appreciate the folks you’ve produced, in order to make buddies. I wish to appreciate all you have provided me and also have accomplished for me, such as the day you died for the sins.

Amen   – Matthew Staples

Student thanksgiving hopes - christ our savior catholic school nowadays and loving

Dear Lord,

Appreciate giving me my loved ones, buddies, managers and pets. Appreciate shelter, love, water and food. Appreciate keeping me safe many of these years. I really like you. Appreciate delivering your boy in order to save everybody on the planet from crime and sacrificing themself for all of us. I appreciate giving us a good existence, education and heroines. Appreciate the united states and it is leaders. Appreciate my basketball talent. Also, thank you for my mother and father. Appreciate my loyal buddies who always stick to me.

Amen  – Jalen Walsh

Dear Jesus,

This Thanksgiving I’m grateful in my family and buddies since i love all of them, and they’re all loving and sort in my experience. Also, I wish to thankfully for putting me nowadays and loving me. Next, I wish to thank myself to be me and loving everybody and helping everybody by helping cover their their problems. I’m grateful for God giving us a home, food, and clothing and that i hope I’m able to live a lengthy time nowadays for good and ever. I’m grateful for everything.

Amen – Tashelle Riley


Happy Thanksgiving GINO!



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