The gratitude prayer and the strength of giving thanks!

The gratitude prayer and the strength of giving thanks existence and love and wings

Dear God,

I give thanks for the amazing gifts you’ve fortunate me within this existence. Appreciate the clouds on the horizon and also the grass beneath my ft. Appreciate the rooftop over my mind that shelters me in the cold and also the food within my stomach that nourishes my body system. Appreciate the garments on my small back and also the understanding within my mind. First and foremost God appreciate your everlasting love, guidance, and understanding. Thanks dear God, thanks.

Gratitude Prayer by E. E. Cummings

I thanks God for many this unique
day: for that bouncing greenly spirits of trees
along with a blue true imagine sky as well as for everything
that is natural that is infinite that is yes

(I who’ve died am alive again today,
which is the sun’s birthday this is actually the birth
day’s existence and love and wings: as well as the gay
great happening illimitably earth)

how should tasting touching hearing seeing
breathing any-lifted in the no
of nothing-human just being
doubt unimaginably You?

(the ears of my ears awake and
the eyes of my eyes are opened up)
– E. E. Cummings

Giving thanks during the day

You need to give thanks during the day, but you don’t have to recite this prayer any time you wish to give thanks. You can just have a couple of seconds to express gratitude God for individuals stuff that happen during the day. For instance.

  • Thanks, God, for that sunshine.
  • Thanks, because my vehicle began today around the try.
  • Appreciate the smile from that stranger.
  • Thanks, for that sunrise.
  • Appreciate my lunch.
  • Appreciate letting me make a start promptly.

It takes only a couple of moments from your day-to express gratitude and also the impact it’ll have in your existence is much more than well worth the effort.

Your personal prayer

Should you not wish to recite a composed prayer you may create your personal prayer of gratitude simply by stating individuals factor you’re grateful for. It doesn’t need to be complicated or perhaps pretty for instance. It is just essential that you give thanks having a grateful heart.

Your personal prayer is often as simple as stating everything you’re grateful for today. Your prayer could look something similar to this.

Dear God,

  • Appreciate my job.
  • Appreciate my mother.
  • Appreciate my father.
  • Appreciate my brothers and sisters.
  • Appreciate my spouse.
  • Appreciate my children.
  • Appreciate my health.
  • Appreciate my house.
  • Appreciate my great buddies.
  • Appreciate this beautiful spring day.
  • Appreciate my new outfit.


Thank You God! Prayer


Marcy 63: Amen

Dion Wiguna: Amen

Bryan silva: this brought me to tears, god is so good!

max wild: +Bryan silva hahah lol

Chaitanya Patankar: amen


Sharon: Beautiful, thank u! Great to hear your voice! God bless u & loved ones!

Robert Johnson: I use this togo to sleep every night

Prince _Beastboy: what a beautiful prayer

Sue Chircop: Amen

Diane Skylite16: Amen

RestrepoGaming: Amen

Chaitanya Patankar: AMEN

Robert Johnson: Amen

OnePinchKrab: God is so marvelous in our lives. How could we not get on our knees and thank Him? Thank you Jesus!

Prince _Beastboy: Amen

Real Boo: Amen

David Wasike: Amen

Donna Kg: thank you.

Dion Wiguna: Amen

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