Funny thanksgiving poultry picture, jokes and tales

Beware the Poultry?

To gain access to a line from WC Fields: ‘Never use children, creatures, or

Thanksgiving turkeys’.

The above mentioned funny Thanksgiving picture marked the 61st anniversary from the National Thanksgiving

Poultry presentation. Live Thanksgiving turkeys happen to be given to

presidents because the times of Abe Lincoln subsequently. However, the present type of

the ceremony goes back to President Harry Truman in 1947.

Thanksgiving Poultry


A Minnesota man basted a 72-pound poultry to defeat his sister within their annual

brother or sister competition over who are able to prepare the greatest Thanksgiving bird. Wealthy Portnoy

roasted his enormous poultry in the 36-inch-wide, chef-calibre oven on

Thanksgiving Day-to top the greatest bird his sister had ever cooked by 25

pounds. Big turkeys really are a tradition within the Portnoy family. Wealthy Portnoy stated his

father cooked wild birds of 30 pounds years ago. This past year, Andra Portnoy

cooked a 47-pounder to accept lead after her brother could only look for a

37-pounder, despite the fact that he resides in the country’s top poultry-producing condition.

Thanksgiving Turkey Competition

This season, Wealthy Portnoy contacted the Minnesota Poultry Growers Association,

which helped him locate an 85-pound breeding tom that, at 59 days old, was near

the finish of their helpful existence. He bought the poultry for $30, [£58GBP] loaded the

live bird into the rear of the household’s vehicle and drove it to some processor, where

it had been made oven-ready at 72 pounds. Portnoy and the wife, Charlene, asked 26

individuals to Thursday’s feast. They were not sure the large old tom could be edible,

so Portnoy also cooked a 19-pound ‘backup turkey’ around the backyard grill.

Poultry Funnies

The poultry is really a funny bird
Its mind goes bobble-bobble
And all sorts of he

knows is simply one word…
And that’s gobble-gobble.


Mr Bean – Christmas Turkey


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Al W: Well, he has the turkey on…….. his head

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